Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Sometimes, Stuff Happens And There's No Time To Write That Blog Post.

As the title says, stuff happens! An unexpected situation arises and you have to deal with it. It becomes the priority, and other stuff - such as a blog or writing the next book in a series - is temporarily relegated
to the, I'll-get-to-it-when-I-can pile.
And this month has been just that.
Around eleven p.m., three weeks ago, my mum developed pulmonary edema as a result of heart failure and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Pulmonary edema? It's flooding of the lungs when the heart beats irregularly and can't maintain fluid balance in the body. Breathing is difficult and the person sounds like they're drowning.
Horrible to listen to, and watch!
That night, I thought I was about to lose my mother. But, the paramedics were brilliant and so were the staff at the hospital.
After two days in intensive care, my mum improved and was shifted into the cardiac ward where she remained for a week. I got to know that hospital very well as I spent more time there than at home. Actually, I only went home to sleep.
The following week, mum received a pacemaker. Forty-five minutes under a local anaesthetic - that's all it took. A small battery-operated device was placed beneath the skin while two electrodes were inserted into the heart to help it maintain a steady rhythm.
She came home the next day.
All this was happening while I was planning to launch my debut book. The venue was booked, invitations sent out, gift packs were created, and the paperback copies of my book had arrived by post. All was ready.
My mum didn't want me to cancel it, nor shift the date. It went ahead - and it was spectacular!
The wonderful group of ladies in my writer's group - and two of my best friends - helped arrange everything including the program and book readings.
You can read all about that in my previous blog post.
Since then, I've been needed at home. Although she's recovering well, my mum needs to take it easy and give her body time to adjust to it's newest member - the pacemaker.
It's been an exhausting few weeks - emotionally, mentally and physically. It's little wonder some things were relegated to the bottom of the priority pile.
Then came another shocker. But, I'll leave that for next week.

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