Sunday, 10 November 2013

How To Run a Successful Book Launch

Seven easy steps, that's all it takes. And if I can do it, anybody can!

Step 1 - Determine the date of your book launch and start planning, and one that doesn't coincide with any public holidays or events. People will feel free to come to yours instead.

Step 2 - Create a Budget. How much do you want to spend on the event?
- You will need a promo poster to set up in the store window. Nothing attracts attention like an enticing book cover to lure potential readers.
- Paperback copies of your book. (I ordered fifty). No matter how popular ebooks are, people still like to have a personally signed hardcopy in their hands.
- Bookmarks and/or business cards. (I ordered the minimum amount of each, otherwise you'll never get rid of them!)
- Promo mug. For something special, I decided to do a giveaway - the first twenty to purchase the paperback of my book would receive a "Bloodgifted" mug. (I ordered mine at Officeworks.)

Step 3 - Find a venue. I preferred to host my book launch in a cafe/bookstore. That way I didn't have to worry about catering as my guests could order what they liked from the cafe menu. Not only did it save me money but, it was a bonus for the cafe owner as I chose a day in which they didn't normally make a lot of sales.

Step 4 - Send out invitations. I posted an Event on Facebook and invited all my friends. (Make sure they're in the same country!) In the lead up to my launch, I posted daily reminders and kept a list of replies. I wanted to make sure I would have enough people to host the event, or even fit into the cafe!

Step 5 - Promote it on social media - Start tweeting, blogging and face-booking (Yes, that word does exist) about your book launch! Let all your friends know.

Step 6 - Thank your guests for coming by creating a "goody" bag. I thought it would be nice to reward my guests by creating a little "goody" bag which also doubled as a fantastic promotional kit. Into it I placed,
a) bookmark
b) business card
c) a red Christmas bauble (as my book is set a week before Christmas)
d) some jelly lollies (mine was a yellow snake, meant to represent the Serpent Ring in the story)
Add anything which reflects a scene or image in your book.

Step 7 - Recruit your friends as helpers on the day. You'll be busy signing books and circulating with your guests without having to deal with everything else. This is where your friends come in. Ask one to be "cashier" and be in charge of book sales. (Don't' forget to include a float. Not everyone will have the exact change. I had $150.) Another can hand out the goody bags and special mugs leaving you free to do the important stuff - meeting your readers and future potential loyal fans.

Step 8 - Enjoy the day! 

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