Sunday, 1 December 2013

After Your Book Launch? Sell Your Book(s) From Your Website

Well, the book launch was a grand success, and the fifty paperbacks that were ordered for the occasion just about all sold. Only fifteen copies remain. What to do with them? Sell them on your website, of course!
It was a great technical step forward for me to obtain the html code for the Paypal button and place it on my blog. And I'm no computer wiz. So, if I can do it, anyone can!
In Australia, where I live, Amazon has only recently arrived, and for us Aussie authors, that's fantastic, for it means readers can now purchase our books in our own currency without worrying about foreign exchange rates and unpleasant surprises on our credit statements.
There's one downside, though - for now only ebooks are available. The paperbacks must still be purchased from Amazon, which is in the USA and the postage is expensive.

But, I can order as many copies of my book as I want with my heavily reduced author discount and sell them from my website. The price of my book, BLOODGIFTED, plus postage still ends up costing less than buying it from Amazon, AND delivery is faster. In Australia, it'll arrive within four days.

So, for all those who love a good gothic, paranormal tale that spans nearly two thousand years, here's your chance. The Paypal button is in the right margin. BUY IT NOW WITH ONE CLICK!

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