Monday, 4 July 2016

New Indie Author: Bailey Ziehmer

Let me introduce debut author, Bailey Ziehmer.

My name is Bailey Ziehmer. I love writing, acting, the colors purple and black, and wolves. When I was five years old, I moved in with my grandparents because my parents couldn’t take care of me. When I was nine, my mother passed away. Though it was hard for me, I kept charging forward in hopes for a new life. It did come. I started to write fan fiction stories with my trusty sidekick, a six-pound Chihuahua named Bella. The ideas seemed to flow out of me constantly, and every time they did, I wrote them down. I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing, because it’s my life and passion. I want to become an actress and writer, and as I write my books, I believe that every day, it will get easier to find the perfect acting job. I never had full support with a lot of the things I did, but my grandparents were always there for me, as were some of my friends. I struggled a lot with my studies in high school, so I put all my feelings in my books. I’ve learned that the nicer you are, the more people will remember you. So I’ve tried to help and care for many, because I know what it feels like to be lonely. With each day that passes, life gets easier, and every day, I get happier. I’ve made sure that I still continue to care and help others and leave my spot everywhere I go, so that I am unforgettable.

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Sneak peak:

18 year old Bailey Chase moved to a small town called William, Alabama. She lived with her alcoholic dad who hated her and always threaten to “take care of her”. Bailey always thought he was joking, that once he was sober he’d be fine. Their first night in a new town Bailey realizes that for once her dad wasn’t joking and pushes her off a bridge near-by. Damon Jackson, a sarcastic, charming, and monstrous vampire see’s this and instantly took action. Damon was a monster with no emotion. Literally he couldn’t love. But when he first lays eyes on Bailey after saving her life he instantly starts to get his emotions back. Since that night Damon made sure to stay in Bailey’s life. Weather it was watching her sleep, passing her by in her new school, or giving her a ride home. Suddenly Bailey is thrown into the world of the supernatural, and it excites her. Falling for the charming Damon, Bailey can’t help but feel some sort of attraction. But nature has its own ideas and wants to break them apart. Their love grows as does their actions. Damon becomes more carrying and the beast in him is tamed but breaks free at times. And when you’re a vampire, breaking free means death for most. Bailey has never felt so free, adventurous, happy then she does when she’s with Damon. But can Bailey keep the beast locked away long enough to prove a point to others and to themselves that this can work? Or will nature get what it wants and put things right back on track for these two love bird? If you want an action, adventurous, romantic, crazy, supernatural book that makes you think you know what is going to happen next but takes a U turn and surprises you with something else, then this is the Unforgettable book for you.

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