Saturday, 25 June 2016

Let me Introduce Eve Devon - Heart of Steele Release Day

It's always a pleasure to share a new book release with a fellow author.
Meet Eve Devon. 

Eve Devon writes sexy heroes, sassy heroines, and happily ever afters…
Growing up in locations like Botswana and Venezuela gave Eve a taste for adventure and her love for romances began when her mother shoved one into her hands in a desperate attempt to keep her quiet during TV coverage of the Wimbledon tennis finals!
When she wasn’t consuming books by the bucket-load, she could be found pretending to be a damsel in distress or running around solving mysteries and writing down her adventures. As a teenager, Eve rewrote countless episodes of TV detective dramas so that the hero and heroine would end up together every week. As an adult, still hooked on romance and mysteries, she worked in a library to conveniently continue reading books by the bucket-load, until realising she herself was destined to write contemporary romance and romantic suspense.
She lives in leafy Surrey in the UK, a book-devouring, slightly melodramatic, romance-writing sassy heroine with her very own sexy-hero husband. 

Where you can find her: 

Blurb: Heart of Steel, Steel Hawk, Book 2
Colleague, friend, lover…beautiful liar?
Adam Steel is in crisis mode. A recent exposé claims a founder of Steel Hawk was actually The Raven, an infamous jewel thief. Amid the ensuing damage control, all eyes are on his ability to develop a prototype to secure and protect the royal Pasha Star diamond.
He’s further blindsided when he learns his assistant, Honeysuckle Hawk, has a sordid past he never knew about. Proving he never really knew her, never should have trusted her, and definitely shouldn’t start falling for her.
With her dirty laundry flapping in the media storm, Honeysuckle’s first instinct is to run. Two things make her stay: Adam’s insistence it’s better to show the world a united front, and her heart’s insistence by his side is where she belongs.
High stakes and long hours ignite passion…until the diamond is stolen and Adam’s own prototype shows Honeysuckle is a thief. Dare he trust her to help him expose the real criminal—before the mastermind wreaks havoc on the royal family?

Contains an über-hot, alpha-geek who’s good with his hands, a sassy reformed-rebel determined to prove she’s not a flake, romantic castles, gorgeous jewels, sleek and sexy technology, heart-pounding suspense…oh, and nipple tassels!

Picking up his cup, he took a sip without even glancing at it, expecting the much-needed burst of dark-roasted coffee bean on his tongue and instead got…mush. “Honeysuckle,” he bellowed, holding up a hand to Edward to ask him to wait to speak again.
Honeysuckle cracked open his office door, an innocent expression on her face.
“What the hell is this?” he asked, pointing to the mug as if it were alive.
“It’s a protein shake.”
“A protein shake?”
Edward snorted, and Adam offered up his death glare. To his personal assistant, he demanded, “Do I look like the kind of guy who needs a protein shake to take a meeting?” knowing damn well he didn’t and thinking, if she did leave, he definitely wouldn’t miss the disgusting concoctions she seemed to delight in making especially for him.
“Did you have dinner last night?” she asked.
“Yes, I had dinner, last—” Wait, had he? He’d gotten so involved with working on his prototype, he couldn’t actually remember.
Honeysuckle gave him an extra-patient “uh-huh” and added, “Drink up. Then you get the coffee,” before closing the office door behind her.
Adam stood, picked up the mug, and emptied the entire contents into his ficus plant, muttering, “I’m seriously thinking about firing her.”
“Word around the office,” Edward interjected, “is she’s already resigned. Although I have to say, I’m not totally surprised if you can’t be trusted to remember the basics, like feeding yourself.”
“Funny guy,” Adam muttered and then settled himself back behind his desk. “So what were you going to say before she tried to poison me?”
Edward sobered and glanced at the door. “About the book that’s coming out—most of it is dedicated to Nathaniel Hawk with extra material about many of the Hawks who came after.” Edward’s hand came up to smooth his tie. “Apparently, there’s an entire section dedicated to Honeysuckle. Complete with photographs.”
“Honeysuckle?” Why the hell would Honeysuckle be in anyone’s book? Okay, the Steels and Hawks were known in San Francisco as being from a particular social set. Sometimes a certain lifestyle came with that money, but… Oh. “Look, if there are a couple of photographs of her coming out of a club, maybe a little drunk—”
“Oh, there are definitely photographs of her coming out of a club. She’s not drunk, though. She’s in costume. For her job. As a burlesque dancer.”
Adam blinked, frowned, and possibly did some blinking again. He’d never know, because he was pretty certain he’d just fried something in his brain. “Excuse me?”
“Burlesque. You know, dancing, hardly any clothes, then, even fewer clothes—”
Yeah, that was what he’d thought he’d said. “Give me your coffee.”

“Give me your damn coffee,” Adam said, then reached over, picked up Edward’s cup, and drank the entire contents down in three gulps. Damn it to hell, turned out he had never, he realized, never, actually, known anything about his assistant at all. The burning sensation in his mouth did absolutely nothing to temper the heat coursing through him as the Honeysuckle from his dream walked center stage into his head, winked, and blew him a kiss from behind an ostrich-feather fan.

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