Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas from Clan Dantonville

Merry Christmas and all the blessings of the season

I wish all my lovely readers a very merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a safe and prosperous new year.
In my last newsletter I said that the next time you all hear from me will be from my brand spanking new Wordpress website. Alas, life too often has other ideas and interferes with the best laid plans.
Anyone who knows me well, laughs when using my name and technology in the same sentence. So sadly, my Wordpress website is taking a little longer to set up then I anticipated. But, it is coming together and my Home page is done. Here's the link if anyone would like to check it out and tell me what you think of it 
And if anyone knows how to add a slider to my Book page header, please let me know. I'd be most grateful.
Until then, I'm posting from my old blogger site.


I'm thrilled to announce that BloodWish will be released in time for Valentine's Day - Feb 14th 2018. I can't wait to share this final book in Laura and Alec's story. But, that's not the end. I've listened to my readers who've asked for books on the other guys in the Dantonville Can. So, the next book in the series will be on Terens, which is scheduled for Christmas 2018.
And does he have a story to tell! Let me just say that there's more to "Sexy Terry" than what you've read so far.
I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Since Christmas is practically upon us, I've been baking. My family is originally from the Czech Republic, and the traditional seasonal cookies, cakes, buns and breads are to die for. They're also waistline killers!

But what the heck, it's only once a year, right?

Unfortunately, here in Australia, Christmas is in summer and the temperature can soar way past the hundred degree mark. Without the good old air-conditioning blasting away, there's no way anyone could have a hot oven going. And what's Christmas without turkey, pudding and cookies?
And being the sharing girl that I am (*wink*) here's a plate of my Czech Christmas cookies.

Most countries, and even individuals, celebrate Christmas with a range of traditions. One of the most famous is kissing under the mistletoe. That one's fun.

While writing BloodPledge, the second book in my Dantonville Legacy Series, I needed a particularly gruesome tradition for Terens and Sam, the once former Roman soldiers. So, it couldn't be anything soft, and being vampires, of course, there had to be some blood involved. It also had to be unique and based on something practical.

I had a ball writing it.

Here's the scene: 
Don’t you think it’s ironic. Nobody speaks Latin anymore, yet Frisian’s everywhere—in modern English? Maybe it’s just as well I didn’t waste my time learning to speak yours.’
Cal guffawed, reached for the decanter and poured himself another glass of wine. ‘How you gonna counter that one, Terens?’
‘Only one way I know.’ Terens rose from his seat and flexed his right arm. ‘Brand new model.’
‘By all means, test it out.’ Sam’s chair scrapped across the floor as he too, rose and began flexing his right arm. ‘Ready to lose some fingers?’ The two stood facing each other, grinning.
Kari rolled her eyes. ‘Oh no, not this stupid game.’
Alec leaned toward me and whispered, ‘Maybe we should go for a stroll around the deck.’
‘Why?’ I asked. ‘What are they going to do?’
‘Their version of an arm wrestle.’ Alec looked uncomfortable. ‘They do it every Christmas.’
‘It’s gross, Laura.’ Kari grimaced. ‘The loser must chop off a finger and hand it over. The one with the biggest collection wins.’
‘You’re kidding! At Christmas?’
‘It’s the only time they can do it—good way to test the strength of the Ingenii blood. Any lost appendage regenerates in an instant,’ Alec said.
‘Sorry boys, you know I can’t stay to watch,’ Judy said. ‘If anyone wants me I’ll be in my room.’ She wished us goodnight and kissed Luc and Marcus on the cheek. The men rose and bowed as she left the room.
‘Think I’ll do the same,’ I said when I saw Terens move one of the candelabras aside and pull a blade from beneath his trouser leg. ‘No way am I going to watch them cut off fingers, even if it is some weird Christmas tradition.’
Allezma petite, this is not for a lady’s eyes.’
‘I agree,’ Kari said, and skipped to my side of the table. ‘Let’s join Judy.’
I still had Alec’s Christmas present. This was a good time to slip away and give it to him.
‘Meet you there, Kari. There’s something I need to do.’ I mouthed the words, 'Present for Alec'.
She nodded, and gave me a knowing smile as she left.
I turned to Alec. ‘I accept your offer of a stroll around the deck.’
With his arm around my waist, Alec led me from the dining room just as Sam
 and Terens took up their position, elbows on the table, hands clasped, steely gazes locked. Two long, menacing-looking knives lay in the centre of the table.
I shuddered and turned away. 

Did I succeed in making your squirm? If you'd like to read the rest, assuming you haven't read BloodPledge yet, read it here: 
All books are also available on Kindle Unlimited.
Until next time, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


Bella1029 said...

Will bloodwish be released?

Tima Maria said...

It’s coming out this year, Bella. Thanks for asking.