Thursday, 4 August 2016

Would You Attend a Vampire Masquerade Ball?

Courtesy of Gothic and Enchanted Music by Derek and Brandon Fiechter
The other day, while browsing online for some gothic music I could listen to while writing, I came across this beautiful and haunting melody titled, Gothic Waltz Music on youtube - Enchanted Ballroom. It reminded me of a little girl's jewellery music box, one I always wanted as a child but never received. 
(Yes, I've always had a gothic streak, and in my childish imagination the music box dancer wasn't a ballerina, but an enchanted princess waiting to be released from a curse. I guess that's where BloodGifted had some of its genesis.)
The music was so audibly mesmerising - as was the image with it  - that I stopped everything to listen. It's underlying dark tone sent visions of immaculately dressed vampires gliding across a dazzling ballroom, their faces covered in bejewelled masks hiding not only their faces, but their dark secret.
Humans enter at your own peril. 
I knew that one day I would have to include such an otherwordly setting in one of my books. And the opportunity came while writing, BloodVault, Bk 3 in my Dantonville Legacy Series. 
How could I resist? 
I simpy had to include a gothic ballroom scene - the annual New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball.

Click the youtube link above and listen while reading. I dare you :-) 

In the driveway, fairy lights blinked on the trunks and leafless branches of the trees, while a million tiny bulbs twinkled in the windows and the front doors of the chateau. The candelabras in the entrance hall had been polished to a mirror sheen, the candles' flames dancing and swaying on the ebony surface. Illuminated garlands twisted their way up the staircase that led to the ballroom.
We took our seats on the dais next to Luc and Judy. Swathes of entwined green and lavender silk - the D'Antonville colours - hung from the canopy and pooled on the floor. Five gold sashes lay draped across the arms of my chair. I knew their purpose, as Alec had briefed me earlier.
My mother, resplendent in a rich jade-green dress, acknowledged each guest as they were announced. Her silver-streaked auburn hair was caught back in a chignon and crowned with a white-gold tiara of intertwining leaves and flowers adorned with a single emerald. Her eyes shone behind her butterfly shaped mask.
She leant across and whispered in my ear. "You looking stunning, dear."
"As do you. Nice bling." I grinned at her tiara.
"Your father's gift at your birth." She beamed and placed her hand over his. Luc drew them to his lips and kissed her fingertips.
... The ballroom was a sea of colour. Elegant women in dazzling gowns of electric blue, silver-grey, apricot, sunny yellow and turquoise swept the room, greeting friends and chinking glasses. Lavender eyes glinted behind feathered, lace and rhinestone masks shaped like butterflies, cats and flowers, some covering only the eyes, others half the face. The men, likewise, many in tuxedos with long-nose masks or in traditional costume, added to the magnificence of the occasion.
... Alec led me from the dais, and we swayed to the romantic strains of a Strauss waltz, weaving in and out with the other couples. I floated on an idyllic cloud beneath the blue and gold rococo ceiling that gleamed in the light of crystal chandeliers. The troubles of the last few days forgotten as I lost myself in his arms and was drawn into the lavender depths of his eyes.

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There are some family secrets that should stay hidden.

Bk 3 in The Dantonville Legacy Series
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