Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday Showcase: Paranormal Romance Author Maggie Anderson

1. What inspired you to write in your genre?
When I was fourteen, our English teacher asked us to read Dracula for a review. As we’d read a couple of Shakespearean books prior, I thought it would be just another unenjoyable book that I couldn’t get my head around. I was WRONG! I was seduced by Bram Stoker’s unorthodox, charismatic character and have loved all things Vampire ever since.

2. If you write a series, how many books can your readers expect?
I do write a series. The Dark Legacy urban fantasy series. At this stage, I’m writing book four and my continue to write more because I love the characters, but I’m taking a break after this book to focus on others I’ve had simmering in my head for a while now.

3. If you had the chance to spend the day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?
If I had a chance to spend a day with one of my characters it would have to be Reece Daniels. He stepped up and took over Dark Legacy, when Andre was meant to be the lead character, and has continued to stand out in all of the books so far. He has morals and believes in treating people right. He also has a lot of courage. Some of which he doesn’t even realize he has.

4. Are there any books or authors you admire?
I love the Alex Cross series of books by James Patterson. They tell a thrilling tale and pull you into the story. I also love the Addison Holmes series by Liliana Hart. They’re quirky and Addison is a likeable, amusing character with a certain amount of bravado when she needs it.

5. What is one of the biggest misconceptions that you think people have about authors in general?
I think people tend to think authors have it easy and make a lot of money from their writing. Some do, yes. The lucky ones. But most of us are doing our best to get our books into the hands of readers and not able to make a living from what we love the most. Being an indie author is hard-going. People think writing is a hobby. I’ve had friends say that to me. It’s not! It’s long hours of researching, writing, promoting, marketing, social networking and more!

6. If money was no object and you could travel to any place in the world for your dream vacation where would you go and what would you do?
I’ve always wanted to visit Machu Picchu. To be able to stand on the landscape of a village thousands of years old would be incredible! I think it would be a spiritual journey, a place to connect with your inner self.

Maggie is the author of several books:

Dark Legacy
Once Bitten
Soul Chaser
Driving Me Crazy
Love's Twist of Fate
A Night of Passion
A Night of Passion: Clean Romance Edition

Her newest release is Soul Chaser, Bk 3 in the Dark Legacy series.

In the city that never sleeps, a gypsy has seen Reece’s future. Someone he loves will die!
A romantic Vegas getaway turns into another paranormal nightmare for Reece when Charlotte is kidnapped from the airport. Who has taken her and why?
The PI and his team work around the clock. Time is ticking. Sent on a wild goose chase across Sin City by the unknown assailant, can they find her? Is the unidentified body of a Jane Doe lying in the County Coroner’s Office Charlotte? Are they already too late?
A series of unorthodox deaths forces Sheriff Lozano to enlist Reece’s help. He’s heard rumors about the private investigator and wants to find out if they’re true. Can they work together to solve the mystery of the murders? Will Reece let the sheriff in on what has happened to his fiancée?
As the two cases collide, Reece takes matters into his own hands and enters the subterranean world beneath Las Vegas alone. What has he discovered? And what ancient evil is he hunting?



The dark tunnel seemed endless as Reece raced along it, peering over his shoulder wondering if the creatures were still in hot pursuit. He had to find a place to hide until the sun came up. The stark white beam of his flashlight app bobbed against the graffitied walls as he ran, but within seconds the glow faded, flickered and died, leaving him in total pitch black. Reece lurched to a stop and smacked his phone against his hand hoping it would jolt a few more seconds of life into the battery. It didn’t. “Shit!”
His heart rose in his throat and he sucked in a strangled breath, unable to inhale a full ribcage of air. The claustrophobic atmosphere was thick around him and he felt like he was suffocating. How did they find me so fast? He thought he’d have more time.
Manic laughter resonated out of the deep shadows in the underground drains and Reece’s eyes darted around the gloom. They were almost on top of him.
He broke into a panicked run, stumbling over broken concrete, cans, bottles and other rubbish strewn along the fetid, damp passage. He tripped on something soft and landed on top of it, the small amount of oxygen he’d managed to inhale whooshing out of him with the heavy thud. Feeling around, unable to see, and his brain making the connection, Reece felt buttons, material, a hand, a face… a sticky wet crater where the nose had been. Another face… holes where the eyes should have been. Bodies!
Bile gushed up his throat and he staggered to his feet, his heart beating so fast it felt like butterfly wings against his ribs. He spat the bitter liquid onto the ground and rushed into the shadows. He had to find a way out or somewhere to hide before they reached him or he’d be another rotting corpse amongst the body count. 

Want to read more?  Here's where you can find it:


Maggie Anderson said...

Thank you, so much for showcasing me on your blog, Tima. I really appreciate the opportunity to, perhaps, connect with some new readers! I enjoyed answering the questions, some of which gave me pause to reflect. Indie authors need to stick together to support one another, and I am grateful for your continued support.

Tima Maria said...

You're welcome, Maggie, and thank you for being my guest 😊 It's always a pleasure to support a fellow indie author.