Sunday, 18 October 2015

Another Sunday Snippet from BloodVault.

Sunday snippet time, so here's another tasty little teaser from BloodVault you can sink your fangs into.

Release date: Nov. 27th.

I wanted to purr.
He looked utterly delicious in his clan kilt—the red and black Munro dress tartan and black velvet jacket with silver buttons. The cropped jacket emphasised his broad shoulders, and the smile he gave me hinted at later pleasures.
‘Why can’t I go?’ Dominik stood at his elbow, his jaw dropping as he gazed at Kari.
Since coming here to live with us, Dominik had practically become Alec’s shadow, following him around and even mimicking his mannerisms. If Alec twirled the ring on his finger so did Dominik, even though he didn’t own one. And if I didn’t lock the door to our suite, he’d be there all the time.
‘Two reasons: first, you’re too young, and second, it’s an Elders and Prefects Ball only.’ Alec ruffled his hair as he stepped past him into the room.
‘Not fair.’
‘Life’s not fair, Dom.’ Alec took me in his arms, spun me around and dipped me low to the ground. ‘I’ll enjoy untying that bodice later,’ his voice whispered seductively through my mind.
‘Make sure the door is locked first.’
He chuckled as he lifted me back up, and formally offered me his arm. ‘May I escort you, my lady?’

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