Thursday, 1 January 2015

Support Your Favourite Authors - Buy Their Books. Don't Ask For Freebies.

Goodbye 2014, hello 2015, and what a year it was. I celebrated my first year as a published author by releasing two books and a short story. It was a good start, as the series was well accepted and gained me a wonderful legion of fans and supporters who've been a fantastic source of encouragement every step of the way. To them I say a huge thank you.
As a debut author I wasn't expecting the ride to be easy, nor did I believe for a second that I'd be the next Amanda Hocking, JK Rowling or Stephanie Meyer (I did dream, though. Don't we all?) For the majority of authors, earning enough to pay the gas or electricity bill is bliss. Yes, I know there are exceptions and all power to them, but they're in the minority. The rest of us plod on, satisfying our loyal fans by producing great stories and slowly growing our fans and income. Note, I used that controversial  little "i" word - income. I believe all writers should be paid for their work as it takes time, effort and money to produce books. Anything that requires hours, let alone months and even years, to complete needs to be recognised and rewarded.
Giving away your books for free not only devalues them, but conditions the reading public into accepting something for nothing. And that sets a dangerous precedent - it'll be expected of ALL writers. As far as I'm concerned that's akin to slave labour. If readers want their favourite authors to keep producing quality books (which cost money), we need to be paid.
My novels will NEVER be free - I spent too much time writing, perfecting and polishing them (paying editors and cover designers) to produce the best product I could in respect to my readers. In return I expect that same respect be shown to me by buying my books, and not waiting for them to be offered free. That way I can afford to keep writing and publishing.

So, on that note, thank you to all my amazing readers. Without you Bloodgifted and Bloodpledge would not have ranked in the Top 100 in gothic romance during the past year. You made it happen.
Some of you have asked whether there'll be books on the other characters in the Dantonville Legacy Series, and I can tell you a definite yes! Jake, Cal, Terens and Sam will each have their own book. Stay tuned.

I wish everyone a blessed and happy new year.


Diane said...

I agree with you completely regarding 'freebies', Tima; however, I feel that the occasional 'giveaway' can be good advertising. All the best for 2015.

Tima Maria said...
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Tima Maria said...

Thanks Diane. I will be doing a few sales this year where my book's price will be heavily discounted, but that's as far as I'll go. I wish you all the best for 2015, too :-)