Monday, 19 January 2015

Another Bloodgifted teaser

Since Australia Day - Jan. 26th -  is coming up, I thought to share a bit of whimsy from Bloodgifted. It's a scene in the book entitled Vampire Ball, and Laura is amazed at who she sees there. Enjoy! 
     I followed the direction of his gaze to a young woman dressed in black satin pants and sable bustier with white lace collar and sleeves. Her curly shoulder-length hair bounced as she laughed, presumably at something the man beside her had just said. Something about her face seemed vaguely familiar, yet I couldn't place it. I'd never met her before, of that I was certain. 
     'Amelia runs her own chartered flight company. Flies us wherever we need to go,' Alec said. 
     Then it clicked. I'd seen her picture in a recent documentary on TV. 'Amelia? As in Amelia Earhardt, the American pilot who disappeared in the nineteen thirties? You mean she's … um, one of you?' 
     'Yes, that's right. She arranged her own disappearance to cover up the fact.' He spoke so nonchalantly, I was still processing it when he pointed yet again. 'Over there. Know who that is?' 
     My gaze followed the direction he indicated. A tall, blonde man with flecks of silver in his hair was engaged in an intense finger-wagging discussion with another man.  I gasped. His was a face known to all Australians, for it had been plastered on every newspaper when he disappeared while spear-fishing at a local beach. Most people believed a shark had taken him since his body was never found. After all, it's not everyday a country loses its leader to a ravenous fish! 
     I think my jaw dropped - yet again - as I stared at Harold Holt, Prime Minister of Australia in the nineteen-sixties. This was getting ridiculous. How many other famous people were actually vampires? I began to scan the faces around me in my own version of Spot-the-Celebrity …'
Like to read all of it? 

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