Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Dantonville Legacy - New Covers

This month marks the anniversary of the release of my debut novel, BLOODGIFTED, and the beginning of my urban fantasy, romantic suspense series, The Dantonville Legacy. And, in celebration I decided it was time to update my book covers.
It normally takes about a year to learn whether an initial cover image works or not. Although the original one was beautiful, I felt it didn't representative the story. So I was thrilled when my illustrator, Patti Roberts, came up with a unifying theme that would serve the entire series—all eight to ten books.

I love the way Books 1 and 2—BLOODGIFTED and BLOODPLEDGE—carry the same deep purple shade, which represents the particular lavender colour of the protagonists' eyes. The open door with the streaming light hints at mystery and intrigue, and that's exactly what Dantonville's about.
Even LAURA'S LOCKET, the short story prequel to Bloodgifted, has had a facelift, linking it visually to the rest of the series. I couldn't resist having a pic of the story's anti-hero, Philippe, grace the cover. Some readers have mentioned his resemblance to Westley from The Princess Bride. Well, why not? He was a cutie!
So there we are, the brand new, sparkling Dantonville Legacy book covers.
Let me know what you think …

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Diane said...

I can relate to the temptation of creating new covers. They look great, Tima; I hope that they help attract lots more readers.