Monday, 28 July 2014

Should Authors Do A Book Launch For The Second Book In A Series? Yes!

A book is a book regardless whether it's the first, second or third in a series—it's a new story, often with new characters and a change of scene. That should be celebrated, and there's no nicer way to introduce your latest 'baby' into the world than with a book launch. It takes a lot of planning and fiddling, especially when there are swag bags (or as I call it, A Dantonville Goody Bag) involved. But it's all worth it.
As with my first book (Bloodgifted) my venue was a local bookshop/cafe—Ruby's Cafe and Books. My writers group meet there every Friday, and since we've developed a good relationship with the owners, they were only too happy to lend their establishment (free of charge) for the event. Got to love that. Guests buy a copy of my book, get a Dantonville bag filled with goodies and enjoy a delicious cappuccino with or without lunch. I sell books and they get extra customers—win-win.

The first thing I did was create a promo poster to affix to the shop window, large enough to be noticed by passerby, but not too big as to block out sunlight. I may write about vampires, but the customers sitting at the tables are human—they like their winter sunshine! (In Australia, July is midwinter.) 
Once that was done, I set about creating my Dantonville Goody bags. It's a nice way to say thank you to people who have made the effort to attend my launch (some travelled a considerable distance to support me, as an author) and obtain a signed copy of my book. That should always be acknowledged. 

So, what went onto my goody bag? 
- one Bloodpledge keyring to which we added a few charms: vampire teeth (of course!), purple/lavender/amethyst beading (to match the cover of the book), a coiled serpent (for the magical Serpent Ring) and a lavender eye. Those who have read Bloodgifted, know that the vampires in my story are distinguished by their lavender-coloured eyes.
In the clear holder I placed a double-sided picture of the book cover. It's amazing what can be done on Word and a good printer!
- one car bumper/window sticker. Using publisher, I created a catchy slogan and printed it on good quality, self-adhesive glossy paper that had been ordered online from Vistaprint. The result was fabulous - as you can see in the picture below.
- one bookmark and card with my author contact details. I had 250 of theses printed for the Bloodgifted launch, and since Bloodpledge is part of the same series, I couldn't see any reason why they couldn't be utilised for this one as well. They went into the goody bag.
- Lastly a purple lolly bag. A sweet treat for the drive home or to have with coffee.
Everything was placed inside a lavender paper bag (I found in a $2 shop) with the book's cover on the front.

Everyone who bought a copy of the book received the goody bag. And believe me, they went quickly. My wonderful helper (my bestie) had fun keeping the book table restocked. And it doesn't matter that not all books were sold. I always make sure I have more than I need, as some people purchase several copies for family and friends. The rest I'll sell through my website. It's also good to keep a stock handy at home to resupply local bookstores. Mine are currently selling at Dymocks (the Aussie equivalent of Barnes and Noble). 
Overall, it was a successful day, and well worth the time and effort to organise such an event and create the giveaway items. 
Will I do a launch for my third book, Blood Vault? Probably. Just have to wait and see.


Claudia said...

It is always worth it, I think. Even if only one person turns up, it's one person that you know is a fan of the book and it makes your efforts real. It's a little bit of a time out from the cyber world and time to mingle face to face with people. Networking old school!

Tima Maria said...

Spot on, Claudia! Every fan is someone who loves the book and will potentially spread the message via word of mouth. Thanks for all your help BFF :-) <3

Diane said...

My goodness! That was a great effort on your part, Tima, and I was pleased to hear that it went so well. Talking about Ruby's Cafe, I saw that they were having an author afternoon this coming Sunday; I contacted them a few days ago but have not heard back... In the meantime all the best with your two books and with the writing of your third.