Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Writer's Burnout? Not this Christmas!

As writers we can so easily suffer burnout trying to complete our latest manuscript, blogging, tweeting at appropriate times to connect with differing timezones, networking on Facebook,
Linkedin, Google+… etc, that we forget to give ourselves some much-needed time off.
So, this Christmas I've decided to do just that and enjoy the special time with my family, indulge in Christmas baking and try to get through the list of great reads on my kindle.
I find nothing recharges my writer's cells than reading books by great authors; to let their wonderful gift with words flow through me, and hopefully inspire and even improve my own literary efforts.

But most importantly, it's important to remember the real reason for celebrating Christmas. It's not about the Christmas tree, the presents or the festive food, and as enjoyable as these things are, they are insignificant compared to the momentous events which took place in a Palestinian town two thousand years ago - a town called Bethlehem. That historic night, God came down in human form to be born as a helpless babe and grow into a man who was destined to pay the ultimate price for our sins - death on a cruel Roman cross. He - Jesus - took our place, and our punishment for our rebellion against God, so that we would have a place by His side in Heaven. And to all who place their trust in Him, that's our ultimate destiny.
This is what Christmas is all about - God's incredible mercy, love and justice all combined, in a manger in Bethlehem.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and may you know the love of God which surpasses all understanding.

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