Monday, 28 October 2013

My Computer Crashed Loading Anti-Virus Protection!

I've been without a computer for nearly a week. For those of us who cannot live without our laptops, that can pretty much cause a nervous breakdown! I wasn't able to write my blog, access my email, write the next instalment of my book (well I probably could have done so the old-fashioned way - in a notebook), and catch up with my favourite blogs. When I tried to do those things on my Samsung phone, the battery couldn't cope. I was recharging every couple of hours.

So, what caused the crash? An anti-virus download. That simple.
I have a Mac (love my Apple Mac!) and it's never been a problem. On the contrary, it's got to be one of the easiest laptops to use and navigate. I just wish I'd been told it doesn't need any anti-virus protection as it's already installed on the hardware. And as long as you keep installing the updates, there's no problem.

But no, I wasn't told and ended up believing some techno-wiz (NOT) in a retail store who informed me that even my beloved Mac is no longer immune. He showed me the Norton anti-virus software FOR MACS, and I was sold. Needless to say, he earned his commission that day.
My bad for not checking, and for believing the persuasive blurb on the packaging!

For six months everything seemed okay, then came the first update. Of course I downloaded it. Who wants to be without malware protection these days, as there appear to be just as many criminal organisations as there are killer viruses! Wouldn't surprise me if there were more.
Anyway, download gets two-thirds of the way... and everything shuts down. No lights, no action, no life. No matter what I tried, nothing could bring my laptop to life.
For the next few days I got to know the people at Apple Support - I think they got sick of hearing my sobbing voice - but even they eventually gave up, too. Unfortunately, with the crash I also lost my internet connection and in order to reinstall the software on my laptop, I needed to access internet.
What happened to the good old CD one could just slot in and everything would restart?? Heaven help us all if all electricity fails and there is no internet? Actually, I think they recently made a movie about it.
So here I was caught in a vicious loop and getting more desperate.
I was falling further behind in my work, my nerves were at breakdown stage and all my plans for the week were shelved while I dealt with this malware protection monster!

I had no choice but to go out and buy myself a new laptop. Yes, I purchased another Mac, while crying on the shoulder of the young man in the Dick Smith Electronic shop who was serving me.
"Bring your laptop in. We can fix it, no problem," he'd said.
I stared at him like as if he'd just dropped down from Heaven! And true to his word, in less than a day, my old Mac was fully restored and not a single file had been lost.
Thank you to the techo-wiz's at Dick Smith Electronics, Erina Fair, N.S.W. They also told me that Apple Macs DON'T NEED extra virus protection, as it's inbuilt into the system.

Now I have two laptops. I decided to keep one for my manuscript and the other for all my internet stuff. That way, if something like this ever happens again, I have another to fall back on. But, there's no way I'll ever install any Norton product on my computer. Sorry, but my trust in their product has been destroyed. Never again do I want to experience such a week-from-hell as a direct result of downloading their software.
Once is enough.

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