Monday, 30 September 2013

My Debut Novel Is On Amazon!

It's OUT! Yes, my debut novel, BLOODGIFTED, is finally available as both a paperback and ebook on Amazon. It's been a long grueling road, but worth every step; a steep learning curve that has taught me so much about writing, editing and publishing.
There were times when I wondered if it would ever happen after experiencing so many setbacks with proofreading, formatting errors, typos, and a new blog address which had to be changed at the last minute on the back cover. But, all these minor irritations were overcome, and now I have a polished novel I am proud to put my name to.

So, here it is.
Read and enjoy.

"Descended from a cursed Roman soldier, Laura Dantonville has inherited the ability to delay ageing but much of her past is unknown to her. That includes knowledge of her true parentage and the fact that her unique blood is coveted by the secret society of vampires who reside in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.
She later learns it's her blood alone that provides these creatures with the ability to tolerate daylight. As such, she is the epicentre of a power struggle between two rival groups who want to claim her.
The oldest and most powerful of these factions is led by Alec Munro, whose position as leader, or Princeps, gives him sole claim to Laura.
Has she any other choice but to accept her destiny?"

BLOODGIFTED, Book 1 of The Dantonville Legacy

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