Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bloodgifted. The Ebook Is Out.

It's taken months, but my debut novel, Bloodgifted, has finally made it onto its first online retailer - Smashwords. Although my official release date is still several weeks away, it's nice that it's already available to buy for those who'd like to purchase an early copy. Just click on the link above.
But, until then, I'll be posting a series of promo pics featuring lines and extracts from Bloodgifted in, what I'm calling, my "Bloodgifted Banners," little teasers to raise the appetite and introduce readers to the characters in my book.
And, here's my first one.

Let me know what you think. Does it work?
And for those who purchase the ebook before the release date, will have the chance to pick a favourite line and I'll include it on the next Bloodgifted Banner.
Happy Reading!


fionachapman said...

I like it, it's very intriguing :)

Tima Maria said...

Thanks Fiona. *sending a hug* I'm looking forward to reading your Station series.