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What Recipe Could Possibly Reflect A Vampire Book? I've Been Asked.

The Tasty Summer Reads Blog Hop. My dear friend and fellow vampire writer, Lindsay J Pryor tagged me for this fun infopost, even though in my part of the world it's the middle of winter! But it's always the right season to find out about the quirkier side of any author.
So, what's it about? As the title reads, it's an author blog hop where I discuss my current summer - or winter, depending on which part of the hemisphere you inhabit - release or Work-in-Progress (WIP, for those who like abbreviations).
I then have to answer five foodie related questions and top it off with a recipe that ties into it!
What recipe goes with a vampire book? Stick around and found out!

Here goes:

... Bloodgifted, part 1 of an urban contemporary vampire series called, The Dantonville Legacy, and due for release in early August. It's a paranormal romance about a young woman whose rare genetic mutation holds the key to ending a centuries-old curse. 


...Bloodpledge, book 2 in the series. I'm nearly halfway through and hope to have it completed by Christmas.


1. When writing are you a snacker? If so, sweet or salty?

I try not to snack, but sometimes the brain needs a little extra nourishment and I start rummaging through the pantry. Usually I look for healthy stuff, like mixed nuts and seeds and dried fruit. Then I add some dark chocolate for interest. I've been told it's a health food!

2. Are you an outliner or someone who flies by the seat of their pants? Are they real pants of jammies?

 I tend to be 75% outliner, 25% pantser. It's probably the teacher/Head of Dept part of me which has to have everything organised and planned before I even start. Although, saying that, I let my characters lead me on occasion.
As for my pants? Jammies, definitely jammies. And at this time of the year, they're a warm, flannel tartan!

3. When cooking or baking, do you follow the recipe exactly or wing it?

My cooking skills are legendary in my family, so much so, I'm the one who's always asked to bring the drinks or a salad (because you can't kill lettuce!) to family get togethers. It's safer that way.
Scones? Mine always seem to turn into rock cakes. Cookies/biscuits? I could sell them to the army as mortar deflectors! But, I can do a mean stir fry. That, I can wing!

4. What is next for you after this book?

Book 3, and I haven't decided on the title yet. When that's completed, I plan to set book 4 where the entire story had its genesis - in 3rd century Roman Britain. So, I suppose it'll be moving from urban contemporary to historical. And since I'm a historian and archaeologist, I can't wait!

5. Last question... on a level of one being slightly naughty to ten being whoo whoo steamy, where does your book land?

I guess it depends on individual interpretation, but I guess mine would land somewhere around a 7-8.

Now for the SUMMER RECIPE, and the reason for my title.

It has to be something dark with a little bite, like my hero, Alec Munro, so go and find some chilli chocolate. Grate finely and set aside while you make his other favourite beverage (next to blood) - espresso coffee. Plunger or percolated coffee would work just as well.

Pour ready coffee into a red mug, then add something sweet and tempting (like the woman who wins his heart - Laura Dantonville). I suggest vanilla and toffee ice-cream.

Sprinkle the grated chilli chocolate liberally over the iced-coffee, add straw and suck!

Now I'm tagging my fellow bloggers - and Australian authors - whom I've persuaded to join the summer (or winter) blog hop.

Maggie Mundy

Dionne Lister

Clarissa Cartharn

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