Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Updating My Website. Part 2

Well it's almost done. I've progressed from blog to website, and I've changed the name from, Bloodgifted to Tima Maria Lacoba. Me! Maybe I should have realised sooner that naming your blog after the title of your first book is not such a good idea, especially as there are other titles to come.
But, as the old adage says, sooner late than never!
I also discovered readers like to trawl through the websites of their favourite authors for any extra information about them and about the characters in their books (me included).
So, why deprive them!
But what makes a good website? I decided to search around and check out some of the best author sites for ideas, and this is what I found:

The Best Websites Have No More Than Seven or Eight Pages. Anything more than that, and readers reach information overload.

1. Home page - This is possibly the first page any reader will stumble across - your greeting page. If anyone can afford to hire a web designer to do all this, then great. But, to the rest of us struggling writers, either Wordpress or Blogger are just as good, and it costs you nothing.
My home page includes the most recent snapshot of yours truly, and some information about me, my book(s), and my promo material. It's simply a brief introduction to me - the author and writer.

2. Author bio - This is your professional page and should contain information about your writing career - almost like a resume. State why and how you began writing; competitions entered and their results; publishing history (or if you're new, like me, whether you've been offered a publishing contract); future plans for your writing, and finally, where readers can find you. Never underestimate the importance of social media.

3. Blog - I don't think think this needs any explanation. Every author needs to keep a blog. Not only is it good writing practice, but it shows your readers you're still alive! If they're avidly waiting for the next book in the the series, your blog posts will keep them informed - and hopefully, loyal.

4. The World of the Author's Book- Most authors will include information about the fabulous world they've created. After all, you're in love with your book, it's characters and setting, why not share it with everyone? Describe it's genesis; provide pictures of locations (particularly if it's contemporary); add snippets of dialogue to wet readers' appetites. I've even created a heraldic crest for the family around which my series revolves. Later, I'll add a genealogy and any other glimpses of the world my characters inhabit that readers would find interesting.

5. Books - Although mine's not finished yet, this page is essentially the author's bibliography. It should features book cover(s) and links to where they can be purchased.
As the list of books grows (be that traditional or indie), so will the content on this page.

6. Reviews  - These will include both pre- and post published reviews from book bloggers, Goodreads, Amazon... etc. Again, as the number of published books grow, so will the reviews.

7. Contact - Lastly, include where your readers can contact you. Apart from twitter, facebook, goodreads, linkedin... etc, I'll be including my author email address. I guess nothing compares with someone personally writing and telling you how much they enjoyed your book and can't wait for the next. Ah, Nirvana!

8. Book Extract - Don't forget to add an extract from your book. It's a taste of your story that, hopefully, readers will want more of.

So, that's it.
Whether I've been successful in creating an attractive and interesting website, only time - and my readers - will tell.
Check out my new website and let me know what you think. Have I overlooked anything?
It is still under construction, so any feedback would be helpful.


lindsayjpryor said...

Loving the new website, Tima! It's vibrant, easy to navigate and full of all the necessary info. Grand job!! :-)

Debbie Johansson said...

You've got some good stuff here Tima. I like the new look - well done! :)

Tima Maria said...

Thanks for the thumbs up, Debbie - appreciate it. :-)