Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Trials of a Newbie Author

Writing a book is comparatively easy compared to all the work that comes after. If someone had told me that three years ago, I would have said they were nuts! But, it's all true.
You've got a great story; it's down on paper - or on the hard drive - and you can't wait to inflict share it with the rest of the world. Now, comes the editing part and the - seemingly - endless string of corrections. I'm convinced I have dyslexic fingers! Then again, from a total of 119,000 words, having only 87 typos isn't too bad, I suppose.
Since I turned down the services of a traditional publisher in favour of indie publishing, I went to CreateSpace to format my manuscript into a paperback, and do the kindle conversion for me. I know the facility is there for me to do it all myself, but my knowing my techno-skills - or lack of - I thought it safest - less hair pulling and screaming all round - to let the professionals do it instead.
CS only allows 50 free corrections, and since I've got slightly more than that (I hang my head in shame) and it'll take approximately 4 weeks (and extra bucks, but it's still less than if I was to send them a spanking, brand new manuscript ) for these to go through.

The editing, correcting, re-structuring and polishing my manuscript took longer than actually writing it in the first place. And that's good, as it means my debut novel, Bloodgifted, will not be released until it's ready, and can proudly take its place alongside the best of traditionally published books - although these days it's sometimes hard to tell. The lines between traditionally published and indie published books is blurring. I've seen just as many badly written and edited books with the former as with the latter.

So, how far have I come? Hopefully, in the next two months, Bloodgifted, Book 1 in The Dantonville Legacy, will be released, and the next in the series, Bloodpledge, will be out in 2014.

I'd love to hear from other newbie writers. What has been your writing experience? And if you had the choice, which would you rather choose - traditional or indie?


Margaret Miller said...

Popping to say "hi" from #mywana and wish you luck with the launch of your book. I'm still drafting, so a while to go yet. My accademic work always took as long to edit as to draft so its good to know the rule of thumb still holds.

Margaret Miller said...

Sorry about the spelling mistake my cat got in the way and I couldn't see it - talk about editing :)

Tima Maria said...

Hi Margaret, nice to meet you and thanks for popping by. Honestly, if you hadn't mentioned the typo I wouldn't have noticed it. That shows my observant editing skills. Thank you for the good wishes and rub the cat's belly for me!