Friday, 30 November 2012

Review - Blood Shadows by Lindsay J Pryor

I'm really thrilled to be doing this review for my friend and new and exciting author, Lindsay J Pryor. After nearly twenty-two years patiently waiting to get published, Lindsay's paranormal romance, 'Blood Shadows', has been picked up by UK publisher, Bookouture.
Two years in a row she's come runner-up in Harlequin's, New Voices competition, so it's about time someone noticed there's a brilliant new writer on the block.

For those of us out there who love our heroes fanged, immortal and irresistible, than Blood Shadows, will not disappointment. And there's nothing sparkly about her mad, bad and dangerous-to-know boy, Kane Malloy. He'll keep the reader guessing as to his intentions till the very end - as he does so successfully to her feisty heroine, Caitlin Parish.

Anyone who hasn't read my review on Amazon, here it is:

Brilliant! is the best way to describe Lindsay J Pryor's introduction to the literary world - and the world of vampires, dark secrets, forbidden love and betrayal.
Her book, Blood Shadows, will keep you enthralled until you've turned the very last page to find out how it ends between the two main characters - Caitlin Parish and Kane Malloy.
Both are after the same thing - vengeance. Caitlin seeks to find and destroy the unknown creature which killed her parents, while Kane is out to bring to justice those responsible for the horrific murder of his sister. And, both are willing to use each other in order to achieve their ends. Although enemies, their instant and deep attraction to each other will jeopardise, not only their desire for revenge, but their very lives.
Lindsay has created a spell binding story, one which will keep any reader up till the small hours of the night and begging for more!

Well done, Linds.


lindsayjpryor said...

Aw, thank you so much for the shout out, Tima! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed the first of the series. Thanks for an amazing review and for all your support. Xx

Tima Maria said...

My pleasure *takes a bow* and looking forward to more late nights with Blood Roses.
Just keep 'em coming, Linds!

Aimee Duffy said...

Fab review, and I agree. It certainly kept me up most of the night :) x

Tima Maria said...

Thanks Aimee, it's an excellent book and I can't wait for Lindsay's next one - Blood Roses. She gave me a sneak peek and it's fabulous! Looks like it'll be another sleepless night! But, all worth it.