Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The World's Oldest Profession. And It's Not What You Think!

I love that title, which by the way, is about gardening NOT prostitution. The world's oldest profession is actually gardening. Adam and Eve had to eat before enjoying the pleasures of sex - which is never much fun when you haven't eaten, especially when the growls which emanate from your stomach are louder than the moans of pleasure from your lover!

But, once again, I digress.

Gardening has become my panacea while waiting for the result of an international writers competition I entered and for which my book, Bloodgifted, has been shortlisted. The winner will be announced in December.
Patience is not one of my virtues.
It's one of the reasons I've decided to become an indie writer, as waiting for publishers to respond to my submissions (those rare few who actually do), would probably kill me!
So, I've taken to gardening - when not working on my second book in the series, Bloodpledge.
Truly, there's nothing more therapeutic than taking out my frustrations on the amazing variety of weeds that have made my garden their home.
Next to bubble wrap, it's the cheapest form of therapy!

Since moving out of the city and to my own so-called 'sea change,' I've discovered it's no easy task taking on a previously bush-reclaimed piece of ground and transforming it into the type of garden one sees only in glossy magazines. I'd forgotten how much gardening equipment, potting and seed raising mix, fertiliser, seedlings, weed killer, slug and snail pellets, insect spray, native-bird deterrent, manure and plastic as well as terracotta pots, oh, and lest I forget to mention all the gardening books I've recently acquired, is needed to create the type of garden I've always dreamt about.
The local nursery is thrilled I've moved into the area. After all, I'm probably keeping them in business.

So far, I've only managed to kill a few seedlings. But, I'm learning.
My first crop of Bluebells have come up, as well as the stunning red tulip bulbs I planted as soon as we moved in. The daisies are in glorious full bloom, while the crimson rose bushes are covered in buds and the lavender is attracting bees.
Yes, the garden of my dreams is slowly appearing.

Meanwhile, I'll wait for that UK publisher to announce my manuscript as the winner and offer me a three-book deal.
Fantasising isn't simply restricted to my garden!

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