Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sharing a Link

I've entered a new world - promoting the work of fellow writers. Over the next few days I'll be posting links by other authors, so all those who read my blog will have a chance to check out their work

Here's the first one by Morgan Marshall.

Okay, here's the next one.
Check it out and enjoy!

Here's the 3rd link. It's for writers and for those who simply love to write and share their thoughts.
Happy reading!

And on Day 4 we have the brilliant originator of the blog-in, Kate Policani.
Great website!

On day 5 we have:
Can't wait to read this one, as I'm an archaeologist myself!


Diane said...

That is interesting with links to other authors. I did try to 'follow' you, but I ended up as the only follower, while everyone else sat together in the member section. I tried everything I could think of to alter this situation, but nothing worked, so I am now following you in spirit, but not visibly. Diane

Tima Maria said...

Hi Diane, thanks for trying to join my blog. Someone else made a similar comment. I think you may have to join google+. I'll check with others more knowledgeable than myself in this area and see how they did it.
It's a mystery to me!
Thanks for following me in spirit - I like that too.