Sunday, 29 July 2012

'Bloodgifted' on Youtube

I have officially entered the 21st century!
By that, I mean I've succumbed, once again, to the lure of the topical and the technological.
If someone had told me - while I was still gainfully employed as a teacher and making a 'legitimate' living - that one day I'd give up my job, move out of the city and write an urban fantasy (with fangs!) and self-publish it, I would say they were nuts! If they were to go on to say that I'd end up promoting it by creating my own book trailer and posting it on Youtube, well, my response would have been even less polite!
But, there it is! What's the old adage, life is stranger than fiction? And mine has certainly proved that way.
Yet, I can't say I'm not enjoying every minute of it.
Writing Bloodgifted has been fun. And making the trailer? It was a challenge, but it's taught me new and invaluable skills, not to mention the exercise my little grey cells received. If anything, it'll stave off dementia for a long time yet, if not send it entirely to a "galaxy far, far away."
So, now that my trailer is out there, I've only to complete a few corrections to my final manuscript and send it off to CreateSpace.
In three weeks, I should have a paperback copy in my trembling little hands to thoroughly peruse before giving it the all okay. It'll then be magically transformed (not by me) into an Ebook as well as a Print-on-Demand - for those of us who like a hardcopy.

So, go onto Youtube and check out my book trailer. And please, don't be shy, leave a comment. Tell me what you think. Does it wet your appetite?

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Diane said...

Great trailer! Did you do it all yourself? My own book is due out in about a week, so we are probably both experiencing the same nervous trepidation. Hope you do really well with yours.