Saturday, 21 April 2012

So, Who Wants a Traditional Publisher for my Vampire book?

It seems publishers are looking for the ' next big thing.' Whatever that is. I don't think they themselves know. But, they're certainly not interested in acquiring submissions of the fanged variety. 
At the moment, the rage is for post-apocalyptic teenage Survivor-style stories, in which the last kid left standing wins the prize. 
As if teenagers need another excuse to commit murder. They're already doing a great job of that with their kamikaze driving habits, drug abuse or beating the crap out of each other in violent gangs.

I'll choose a vampire story every time, because I know it's not real. It can't happen. And yes, I'm aware there are nutters out there who pay willing dentists enormous fees to have their incisors sharpened, but let them just try drinking some real blood and they'll find themselves spending the night heaving over a toilet and lucky if they don't contract an ISD!

There's something eerily seductive about ageless, seemingly immortal creatures who suck the blood of the living to survive. Especially, if they happen to be mind-numbingly gorgeous and in possession of a conscience which won't permit them to kill their victims.

Well, in the books I read they are. And that's how they appear in mine.

So, after much research, soul searching, talking to my mum and praying, as my title suggests, I've decided to eschew the traditional path to publication and my entire manuscript is being sent to Amazon to be released as an e-book. I'd rather the general public make up their own minds what they enjoy reading, rather the so-called 'gate keepers' who think they have the monopoly on public opinion.

I wonder if the editors in all those publishing houses who rejected JK Rowling's, Harry Potter series, or, Matthew Reilly's first manuscript, or Amanda Hocking's urban fantasies, still have their jobs? 
Mmmmm..... did they get it wrong!

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Justin Sheedy said...

GO, Tima. You're spot on. All those author success stories who spent years being rejected. Remember, there was a man who rejected the Beatles. Yet nobody remembers his name.
All the very best, Tina, and thank you very much for your solidarity at my "Power of Perseverance" article at

Justin Sheedy, author of "Goodbye Crackernight" and "Nor the Years Condemn"