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Meet Multi-Genre Author, Blogger, Lyricist & Artist Lily Amis

My name is Lily Amis. I’m a multi-Genre Author, Blogger, Lyricist & Artist with degrees in PR and Marketing. I’m probably best known for my book Destination: Freedom. I have enjoyed strong media exposure and public interest for my honest memoir in summer 2015, when the refugee crises hit Europe.
Placements included two features with UK national newspaper the Daily Mirror (Daily Mirror UK “Being a Refugee is a living Hell”…/…/woman-who-left-war-torn-6238806… as well as interviews with popular British lifestyle websites Female First and Frost Magazine. A review on – the UK’s most visited book recommendation website – praised my memoir as a “frank, powerful and thought-provoking true-life story”.
I had to fight against injustice, prejudice, discrimination and social isolation for almost three decades to become who I am today. An Independent Author with the goal to entertain and educate young and adult readers about important and eye-opening topics in our superficial and selfish society.
To be honest I never thought that I would ever call myself an Author. But writing heals and that’s why I continue this path, despite all the difficulties and challenges. Since 2014 I have published 9 books in different genres: Memoir, Children and Fiction.
This year I plan to publish at least 8 more books. My latest book “Lily Amis Short Stories – The power of Friendship, Hope, Love & Family” is a fun read and lovely gift for Valentine or Friendship day inspired by true stories.
My next book is going to be “Teddy & Lily – True Friendship is unconditional Loyalty”. This sweet book is the perfect gift for Valentine ’s Day in February for young and adult. All my books have their own collection on
I look forward to the event in February. I’m scheduled for the 15. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.
This amazing event inspired me to set up a FB Group “Authors Support Authors”. Please feel free to join and like the page @AuthorsSupportAuthors. I will be promoting and supporting Authors in all genres from all over the world on this page and on my blog:
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Thank you so much for your time and interest.
Lots of love & see you soon, Lily

The Lily Amis Story (Two in One including personal family pictures)

“Perhaps it may have been stay and face the bombing in our hometown, rather than endure a permanent fight for acceptance and dignity in a foreign country. From childhood through to my adult years, my freedom was stolen from me, just so that I could remain in Switzerland. This was my emotional suicide.” Lily Amis

In summer 2015, the refugee crises became a global issue. However, Lily Amis had already experienced war as a child in the Eighties, growing up in a war zone and living from one day to another. However, her exposure to war and daily bombings seemed nothing compared to what she was faced with, living as a refugee in Switzerland for over two decades!

Rejection, humiliation, discrimination and constant fear of existence were a living punishment - from the moment Lily entered the country as a war-refugee until today, where she is now a Swiss Citizen. Lily tells how a life without human rights, freedom and dignity is really worth nothing!
The Lily Amis Story includes the two first published books of a memoir trilogy. Part One: Destination: Freedom and Part Two: Definition of Freedom. Based on true events, Lily writes about a happy childhood growing up with her loving grandparents until war changed everything. Leaving their hometown with only two suitcases and fear, Lily and her mom hope for a safe and happy future in Europe.

In Definition of Freedom, the follow-up story, Lily openly shares her experiences as a foreigner in Switzerland, where her life was constantly overshadowed by bureaucracy, discrimination, social isolation, unemployment and bullying. During the twenty-seven-year period waiting for her naturalization she experiences set-backs, betrayal and all-too-human disappointment. Despite everything, Lily and her Mom emerge stronger from every defeat and always fighting for their rights!

This is a heartfelt and brutally honest story, where Lily seeks acceptance and tolerance for all refugees entering Europe. This is her message to the world.

“The war-refugees didn’t choose to become refugees. None of them created war. They are only helpless and innocent victims of people in power, who make a fortune selling weapons and destroying countries and families. Instead of toying, support these refugees and include them, rather than isolate them. Refugees are not a disease; they are human beings with the same desires as everyone else. Give them a life; give them the chance to build independence with dignity. Give them a future. Treat them the way you’d like to be treated in desperate times! Respect, acceptance and tolerance are the magic words of kindness!”

Find Lily Amis's book here.


Lily Amis said...

OMG! Thank you so much Tima for this wonderful surprise! You are amazing. Your Karma Account is now overfilled for the next months to come! :-) God bless you for your kindness & support. Lots of love from Switzerland to Australia. Lily Amis

Tima Maria said...

It's my pleasure, Lily :-) We indie writers need all the support we can get.