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Sunday Showcase - Let Me Introduce Children's Author Claire Plaisted

1. What inspired you to write in your genre?

My friend’s grandson was two years old when I started writing Girlie and the War of the Wasps. He has since turned 5 yrs.  So book one is dedicated to him and his nana.  I wanted to write a young children’s book. The Cottage Garden idea was my friend's, and Sammie Kitten belongs to my friend.

2. If you write a series, how many books can your readers expect?
Girlie Adventures is a growing Series.  I have one published, one with beta readers and another half written.  There are a total of maybe 7 or 8 books so far and the ideas keep growing. J  Each one will have donations to a charity which is relevant to the story.

3. How and why did you choose your book cover(s)?
The book cover for Girlie is a picture I drew and put together when I first started writing.  It was a line drawing and with assistance from a few others it became my book cover.  I will be drawing a cover for each book (I hope)

4. Are there any books or authors you admire?
I adored C S Lewis – The Chronicles of Narnia.  A set of books for children of all ages.  I have read them over and over for years. If I can write books for children of all ages I will be a happy author.

5. If you could co-write a book with anyone of your choosing, who would it be and why?
I would love to co-write.  Not attempted it with anyone outside my family yet.  I have seen the results of co-writing which gives me lots of ideas.  I have a part co-written book with my daughter though not sure it will ever be finished.

6. If money was no object and you could travel to any place in the world for your dream vacation where would you go and what would you do?
Our dream is to travel the world from 2018. Check in with my parents and meet as many of the lovely authors and friends we have made online.  Heading back to New Zealand to retire to the beach.

Girlie is a young blue ladybug who sees her best friend kidnapped. Venturing after her, she discovers some naughty wasps who need to learn about healthy eating. Along the way, Girlie meets many different characters, some who are helpful and some who aren't.

Extract from Girlie

How a Wasps Hive Should Be!

Trent and Mersey showed their guest around, explaining the history of the hive.
“During the winter the Queen wasp hibernates, protecting her wings and legs until the first days of a warm spring arrive,” said Mersey.
“We have heard about some queens coming out of hibernation too early and dying through lack of food.”
“How sad for her,” Girlie said.
“Anyway, the Queen comes out of hibernation to eat and start to build her hive for her babies.”
“You use wood?” asked Pedi.
“Yes, generally we use wood. We strip small amounts off any wood we find, mash it into a pulp and mix it with our secret ingredient to make our hive.”
“The Queen builds the central hive. After she’s finished she’ll have babies. The Queen makes the central columns and then, like the bees, she’ll make and attach little pods which she will fill with larvae.”
“After this, the larvae grow and become new wasp workers. They take over building the hive,” said Mersey.
 “Well, our Queen does breed into the pods, it is just the larvae are not overly healthy.”
“I’m sure we can help sort you out,” said Trent with a smile.
“I presume you know what happens next, Pedi?”
“Yes of course, the larvae are fed insects and grow. When they are ready, they put a cover over their pod. I’m not sure what it’s made from.”
“Then what happens?” asked Girlie.
“They eventually turn into adult wasps, break the seal and go join the other workers or drones.”
“Where do the queen wasps come from if the others are all drones and workers?”

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