Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Keep Calm and Fart Rainbows - The Author's World.

I wonder if people care that demanding authors give away our books for free is destroying our livelihoods? I wonder if they really care? Between the freeloaders and the pirate sites downloading our books illegally, there's not much chance of earning a crust in this job. But then, since most people see writing as a hobby, I guess they reckon we don't need to be paid.
We can live on air, right? And of course, everyone knows the pixies pay the mortgage, authors don't have families that eat and unicorns fart rainbows.
Ah, the wonderful world of readers' illusions.
I can see more and more writers quitting the business. Why put all that time, effort and money writing, editing, polishing and marketing a book when it's either going to be stolen from you or ignored by the general reading public until they can grab it for free?
In the four years I've been published, my sales have bottomed out. By now, with 4 books out, I should be selling 4-8 books/day. Instead, I'm lucky to get 1-2 sales/day.
And it's not as if my books are invisible.
According to the experts, I'm doing all the right things - an active social media presence; a fantastic number of genuine followers on twitter (even a bunch of Russian and Asian hookers, bless their little pearly G-strings. Guess they like reading paranormal romance in their spare time!); a website with a blog, that nobody but me and the bots read; and I'm even on instagram posting pretty pics that take me hours to create or locate in hope somebody might like it enough to check out my profile - yet the results are enough to turn even a unicorn's rainbow poop brown.
And paid marketing sites aren't as effective as they used to be.
With some, such as Pixelscroll, Romance eBook Deals and eBook Stage, I could expect 80-120 paid downloads in one day.
This month? Zero, zilch, nada, nothing. Rather than the happy sound of readers one-clicking, I got crickets.
This has never happened before. My cover and blurb were just the same, so I can't blame the lack of sales on that.
Nope, the book world is changing.
With so many free books saturating the market, it's freeloader heaven. Why pay? And that pricey $3.99 book readers are dying to get their hands on? Well, they can simply download it from a myriad pirate sites while sipping their $5 Starbucks coffee.
And they say it's the best time to be a writer.
I suppose that depends on your point of view.

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