Monday, 22 August 2016

Sunday Showcase: Paranormal Mystery Author Pamela Winn

1.How and why did you choose your book covers?
I try to find covers that are linked to the story without revealing too much. For the books “Viewings”, “At Hidden Lake”, and “Wings to Whispers”, I drew the covers myself. Some day I may go back and do that for all of the 40 books.
2. If you had to choose a recipe that reflected one of your books, what would it be?
Definitely I would have to find a recipe for the short story collections “Visitations” and “Wings to Whispers” A heavenly dessert, because the books are both collections of loved ones who have passed away and are trying to reach us from the other side.
3. If you had the chance to spend the day with one of your characters, who would it be and why?
I would say Joshua in the book “Obligations”. He had a near death experience that took him to the other side and back again. Something evil followed behind. Now, Joshua can see spirits and people’s auras. I am fascinated by auras and think it would be amazing to be able to see them and decide what they truly mean. If we could see a person’s aura we would have an idea about what makes them tick. I think sitting down with Joshua as he learns about not only auras, but communicating with spirits, or angels, would be fascinating. I hope readers feel that when they read the story.
4. What do you find the most challenging thing about being an author?
That would have to be promoting. Trying to get your book out where others can find it and grab it to read is a challenge. I am not a salesman and had no idea how to even do this. Luckily for me, I had other authors to help and a son that is computer savvy. A skill I lack. If I didn’t have to promote I would be happy to just write. After 40 in 45 months, I think that part of this journey has gone well and I love the amazing reviews I have received.
5. If money was no object and you could travel to any place in the world for your dream vacation where would you go and what would you do?
I have two places I would love to see, first Ireland and then Australia. Both places seem to me to be fascinating and rich with scenery. I would love to sit and write books in either place. I think the scenery in the books makes the story interesting. I am lucky to live in North West Montana filled with Lakes, Trees and Mountains and use the landscape in a lot of the books. I also have lived in Utah and Idaho and add those locations in a few. In the book “Tunnels”, the group travels down a highway from Montana to Idaho, a road I have traveled often. In the book “Mystic Valley” the location is a place in Utah I know the government did a lot of hiding of secrets. So, I used that location to set up the sci-fi conspiracy. In “At Hidden Lake”, I used Montana because I watched a TV special about how Hitler may have hid gold and treasure near Glacier Park, Montana, where I live.
6. Tell us about your publishing experience. Did you always intend to be traditionally published or indie published?
I thought about traditional publishing, but because I write books so quickly, I decided to indie publish. It seems to be the best for me. If I had to wait for a traditional publisher to get back to me, I would probably still be on book one and my nerves would be shot.
I am just blessed to have great readers who will read one book, like it, and then go back for another. That is such a compliment and repeat readers have a special place in my heart. I have been very lucky with reviewers. With over 360 reviews, only 4 have been below a three. Five have been threes, and the rest four and five stars, that is awesome and inspiring.  If readers would like to see the 40 books, they can find them on Amazon

You can find Pamela Winn at Goodreads  Amazon Author Page 

A gift was passed down from her grandmother, all her life Andrea Moore has been able to see spirits. Now, her grandma has passed on, but Andi still talks to her. When Deputy Vaughn Walker asks Andi to help solve the mystery of four women who have disappeared, Vaughn, Andi and her friend Nate are going to find those from the other side influence this life and some spirits are pure evil. They also find themselves in the middle of the epic battle of good versus evil.

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P.S. Winn said...

Thanks Tima, so good of you, wonderful job!

Tima Maria said...

My pleasure, Pamela. Thank you for being my guest 😊