Sunday, 17 July 2016

Do All Fictional Heroines Have to be Kick-Arse?

When I started my Dantonville Legacy Series, almost from the beginning, I knew Laura would not be one of the trendy kick-arse heroines so prevalent in urban fantasy today. She was to be an everyday woman - a primary school teacher -  caught up in an extraordinary situation, for which she was  ill-prepared. The greatest danger she had ever faced was being trampled to death by maniacal bargain hunters at the post Christmas sales.
How would many of us, with basic defensive skills, survive in a world peopled by beings faster and stronger, and who hungered for our blood - literally? Face it, your average Jane or John Doe wouldn't. Nor would it be a realistic expectation. I know I'd be cactus!
How many modern women know how to wield a sword? Or a bow and arrow, or dagger? Well, some might, but it's not exactly part of the school curriculum, last time I looked. (Although it might not be a bad idea). Despite the popularity of the feminist ideal, not every woman is geared to kick-arse - not matter how much most of us dream of being able to do just that.
My character, Laura, is in no position to suddenly transform into a warrior princess. 
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Whether she likes it or not, having to depend on others isn't an option, until she learns those skills necessary to give her an even chance. From there, she grows and develops into the person who can lead a nation, not by the strength of her sword arm, but from the respect she has earned from those more physically powerful than her. 

BloodGifted Extract
     Black-clad bodies scattered in all directions. So much for their bravado.
     I felt like screaming his name, but as a modern 21st century woman I didn't want to appear like the helpless heroine from a Regency novel - even though my current predicament seemed just that. And who was I kidding anyway? I was scared and seeing him was close to heaven.
     "You're late," Maris said.
     He gave her a dazzling smile that took my breath away. "Darling, I always show up at the right time."
     What? I hoped he was being facetious, yet my mouth went dry all the same. He didn't as much as glance at me; his eyes were glued to her.
     "Nice of you to join us. At last we can begin," Russell said, a frosty grin pasted to his face. From my place on the stage, I saw him nod to someone, and four vampires jumped on Alec, brought him to his knees and pinned his arms behind his back.
     "I'm sorry, Alec, but Russ insists," Maris said.
     "This really isn't necessary," Alec replied. "I've come here on my own, following the smelly trail your pet, Douglas, left behind."
     Douglas growled and bared his fangs.
     Maris laughed, made a gesture with her hand and Douglas sat back down. She strode to my side, crouched down next to me and grabbed my chin. Her fangs were barred; their tips touched my skin and made my nerve endings tingle.
     Russel joined her and sniffed at my throat. "Mmmm, delicious."

Ever dreamt about not being able to age?
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Victoria said...

Awesome blog!!! Love this! I definitely would be the damsel in distress and my knight in shiny armor (my hubby) swoops in to save the day! Hee hee! But, I do like watching and reading a female learning how to kick are at some point. Kind of like surprise everyone with how bad ass the woman is. ;-)

Victoria said...

That kick 'are' is supposed to be kick 'ass'. Darn auto correct. Lol

Tima Maria said...

Thanks Victoria, I appreciate your comments, and I agree. I reckon I would easily end up needing rescuing if in the same position because I simply don't have the skills to fight back, let alone use a weapon. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned girl 😉 Let's celebrate that.