Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Book Review: Blood Roses by Lindsay J Pryor

It's always a pleasure to write a review of a book which has captured your imagination and held you in its spell for a few days, while everything else around you lies neglected. But, that is the art of good story telling.
For anyone unacquainted with Lindsay J Pryor, she is a new talent in the paranormal romance writing scene, and her debut novel, Blood Shadows, was released late last year, and which I reviewed at about the time. 
She has created the world of Blackthorn, a dystopian society inhabited by three species - human, vampire and lycan - but, it's the humans who rule. The world of Blackthorn is dark, depressing and vividly real. It can exist in any city ruled by an apartheid regime; because that’s the background in which her characters exist and must survive, especially Caleb Dehain's people – the vampire species. They’re second-class citizens restricted in ghetto-like conditions, in the worst part of town and deprived of any political rights. Anger and despair seethes through the forbidding streets.
Caleb Dehain is dark; he’s dangerous; he’s driven – and he has every right to be. Although not a character to inspire sympathy, he demands understanding and respect, and when a mortal enemy – serryn witch, Leila McKay – voluntarily enters his territory, Caleb seizes his chance.
As for Leila? She’s there to save her sister from certain death, but at a terrible price. What follows is a battle of wills between her and Caleb, and neither will survive unscathed.
Blood Roses is the second book in the series, and it's a riveting tale that  draws the reader in like a moth to a flame. Her characters will enthrall, and entice and not let you go till they have told their story. Be prepared for a sleepless night!
Five out of five stars? Pity I can’t give it six!


lindsayjpryor said...

Awesome review, Tima! Thank you so much. :-)

Tima Maria said...

My pleasure, Linds. Now, get writing Blood Torn so I can enjoy more sleepless nights! Lol!