Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I've Been Offered a Publishing Contract!

It happened so suddenly and unexpectedly, especially as I'd convinced myself that obtaining that holy grail - the coveted publishing contract - would never happen, it did!
Anyone who's been following my blog over the past eleven months will know my original aim was to chart my journey from unpublished to published author, and whether it was via the self-publishing road as an indie author, or through the traditional route, I hadn't yet decided.

Like all unpublished newbies, I did the research, attended the writers conferences, even those which were so costly they almost bankrupted me, but I was there, avidly listening to the experts, taking notes and nervously delivering my pitches. I joined a writers group who helped edit, critique and polish my manuscript till it was considered ready for the dreaded submissions stage. And then, I approached only a handful of publishers - seven in all, not counting the competitions I entered - and received some excellent feedback from one of them. But, still no offer in sight.
And just as I about to push the 'Approve' button at CreateSpace, I received an email that had me staring at the screen like a dumb bunny, before leaping out of my seat (actually I was at work) and squealing with delight.
It had come from the very last publisher I'd sent my manuscript to. They loved my book and were offering me a contract.
I think I walked about in a delirium the rest of the afternoon, and barely able to concentrate on my work. But, what the heck! I had a good excuse.

The next day the publisher sent me a sample contract which I perused, then emailed a copy to my lawyer (who luckily happens to be a close friend). It took her only a day to check and make some helpful suggestions. After all, what do I know about contracts?
Although I wasn't sure whether to start negotiating at this early stage, I followed my lawyer's advice and sent it back to the publisher for their yay or nay.

That was late Friday afternoon and now it's Tuesday morning. I haven't - as yet - heard back from them and I'm wondering if - in my excitement - I did the right thing.
Last thing I want is to scare off a publisher even before I've signed the contract and have my publishing career over before it's even begun!

So, now I have to wait and hope they still want me.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who's had experience with publishers. Did I start too soon?
What do you think?


fjf said...

Hi Tima, great news! Nicely done.

Tima Maria said...

Thanks fjf. It's nice to know a publisher thinks my manuscript good enough to publish.

Diane said...

Congratulations, Tima. That is wonderful. I can understand that you must be very pleased.

Tima Maria said...

Thanks Diane, it's always nice to be endorsed as a writer, and nothing says that more but a publishing offer.