Sunday, 1 July 2012

Laughter is good for you!

       Someone asked me why I write humorous blogs.
       My answer to that is, why not?  There are enough informative, critical and self-promotional blogs out there to keep the population of this planet occupied for centuries to come. But, if I can bring a smile to somebody's face, and just for a few minutes help them forget the day's cares, then I feel my little posts are worth the price of my electricity bill!
       I figure it this way. Having a good laugh is not just healthy for the soul, but the body and nation as a whole. Latest medical research has shown that laughter - be it giggling, chuckling or a simple smile - boosts the immune system. Now, those who enjoy good health are more productive at work, take less sick days and earn more money. And since they have no need of medication, there's more money left in their pockets to spend. This is a good thing because it means the happy, healthy person will spend that extra cash - and we all know the therapeutic value of shopping! - thereby helping to alleviate the current economic gloom.
       So, bottom line? My humble little blog is good for the economy as well as the nation's collective health!
And since I'm a good citizen, I believe it is my civic duty to keep posting humorous observations of life's little irks and quirks, and hopefully, keep my readers from the doctor's door.



Quixotic Taylor said...

I think that the European Union should employ you to alleviate their economic woes. You should contact them and make them fund your blog. Your blog should become mandatory reading for Greeks, Spaniards and any other people in a financially dubious country. This will cheer them up to no end,they will in turn be happier and spend more on their local economies. It sounds logical, right?

Keep the funnies coming, you cheer me up to no end!

Tima Maria said...

Anytime, you quixotic person, you! Lol!